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Did Your Business get ERC Funds
"The Covid Grant

were you affected by the pandemic2.png

The Cares ACT has extended ERC as part of the covid relief to assist small businesses
under 500 W2 employees

ONLY Major Requirement is that you had to have W2 Staff during the 6 quarters


Qualification can include six quarters during 2020 & 2021

The best part about ERC is that there are NO restrictions on the funds & No repayment


We have assisted businesses of all sizes, from 6-500 Employees.

So many businesses are uninformed or have been misinformed regarding ERC qualifications.


It's true ERC is not as easy as applying for PPP. CPAs will tell you that your business may not be eligible; We suggest with much to gain and nothing to lose.


Why would you not at least take us up on our 100% Risk-Free offer?


Our national CPA & Consulting firm specializes in THE Cares ACT, and more specifically ERC.  With over $3 Billion in approved relief funds and more than 4000 qualified small business clients.


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Send  us your name and contact cell number

The type of business you have

How many W2 Staff did you have from March 2020 to December 2021

Did you get PPP? Both Rounds?

A member of our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours!

or Call/Text us

(702) 941-4148

ERC Facts, Myths, and more       “You Get What You Pay For”


We have personally referred over 50 Las Vegas & National businesses for ERC Recovery in the last 6 weeks.  I have been on 30 plus zoom meetings listening and learning. The company I refer to has recovered over $ 3 billion for over 4000 businesses. They have 200 plus forensic CPAs. The owner (A CPA himself) signs off every ERC Application. They put in writing, that if an audit occurs, they will 100% defend you and they prepare every application in case of an audit.


Before you pick an experienced firm to recover your ERC consider this:


“You Get What You Pay For”

Payroll companies are great, but they do ONE thing.    PAYROLL!
You don’t even know how qualified the staff is at these firms. Is there one CPA on staff?


CPAs are AWESOME! My first cousin is my CPA. He won't touch the ERC app with a 10-foot pole. Why? The CARES ACT has over 1000 pages of rules, loopholes, etc. Unless your CPA has studied the 1000 pages backward, forwards and upside down, there is no way possible your CPA knows all the ways to recover ERC Funds. There is no room for errors.


The ERC check is a check issued by the IRS!  You should not receive money, credits, or any form of anything except that IRS check. This is very important. If any payroll company, small ERC company issues you the check there is something not right.


The ONLY mandatory requirement to start the process is that you had to have W2 Staff from March 2020 to December 2021. After this one mandatory requirement is met, it opens the door to the many reasons ERC funds can be recovered.

ERC Funds will 
ONLY last until the money
runs out!

Dont wait to contact us!

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